BERNER and COOKIES Makes Patient on Xanax do 20 Push-Ups for Hat Which was Free to Everyone Else

The Chalice Festival recently became the scene of an incident of abuse and discrimination towards a CookiesSF cannabis patient.  CookiesSF is the medical cannabis company of California rapper @berner415.  Berner replied the next day through a video on Instagram trying to blame his employee at the booth and the patient for the incident, and took absolutely zero responsibility for his “Xanax & Patron” lyrics having any influence on his patient’s perception of what is portrayed as socially acceptable in the united states.  The rapper and father portrayed the ultimate example of what not to teach your kids after failing to accept any fault for his influence on his patient’s perception to think that his conduct was indeed healthy for him.

When you assume the position of a caregiver in any capacity, whether it be as a dispensary owner or manufacturer of any cannabis product, you are responsible for what your patients are putting into their bodies.  Berner has a responsibility to heal his patients, not promote a reality where it’s acceptable to wake up with a hangover from drinking too much tequila, or show up “xanied” or “barred-out” at an event trying to meet an idol who sang a song saying that it’s cool to do just that.


The cannabis community isn’t sure why Berner is only apologizing for the actions of his staff member, which he points to as the only reason for this unfortunate event.  Berner apparently thinks that it’s his employees’ fault that this whole incident happened, when he fails to realize the reason his patient thought it was ok to be partying on xanax trying to meet Berner in the first place.  Having a song titled “Xanax & Patron” fortifies the social acceptance of the abuse of xanax, which is why this patient showed up to Berner’s booth in the condition that he was in.

When you occupy the spotlight, you are responsible and liable for the actions that your music and lyrics cause the medical patient community that listens to your music.  Berner can’t be a purveyor of malice in this world, everyone has to promote peace and prosperity rather than try to divide and conquer.  When writing a song, one has to be mindful and careful about the lyrics they put in it.  Remember, the same fashion that Berner is responsible for his child, he is even more responsible for the community he influences with his lyrics, and overall, the patients he wants to heal with the cannabis plant.

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On a much more serious note, Xanax is a dangerous substance to play with whichever side you’re on, whether it be the caretaker of the individual or the actual patient themselves.  Xanax, or Alprazolam, works on relieving anxiety in the body by slowing the heart rate and breathing of the patient.  It is strictly recommended by the medical profession to not make the patient perform activities that would normally place the body under stress.  The body is already in a state where it would be dangerous to the heart if the patient were to exercise, and the heart would actually run in overdrive as it did in this case.  Why this caregiver discriminated against a patient that was living the life that Berner was promoting in his music lyrics, the community isn’t sure.  However, Berner did wake up the next morning after this incident to try and sway his followers that it wasn’t his fault at all while putting the blame on his employee, something he has been guilty of in the past with his Hemp2o-water business.

Here is @berner415 speaking in full about a week ago the day after Chalice Festival.  He blamed the entire incident on one of his own employees.  As a father first, the cannabis community would assume that he would take responsibility for his actions rather than try to blame them on one of his other “kids” that work for him.

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@berner415 “Woke up to some bullshit . 1st of all . The person that we hired to run the booth and the @cookiessf Instagram yesterday was fired this morning . 2nd I left @chalicefestival early yesterday to get my daughter , I had a 7 hour drive ahead of me . 3rd anybody that knows me knows what kind of person I am. If you have met me in person then you know I’m kind loving and care about people in general . Some kid came to the booth yesterday bragging about how much Xanax he was on and was asking everyone for a free hat , One of them employees told him if he could do 20 push-ups he would give him a free hat , he did 20 push-ups and got a free hat . If I would’ve been there I would’ve told him to get a glass of water and to go home as it would not be safe to be in a building that hot on drugs . I would never give anyone any drugs and or promote them to be doing physical exercise while on drugs in a hot building , as a father first I would never let that happen and I do not condone that at all . I take my reputation and my business very serious , and I know that the thousands of people that I’ve met all around the world can vouch for that . I’m the guy that sends flowers to my fans funerals when he pass away , i’m the guy that stops the show to give people water when it’s too hot , I was raised very well but my mother ( RIP ) and care about people genuinely care about people . I put so much work into let people know what kind of person I am . With that being said I apologize for the misunderstanding yesterday but wanted to clear up exactly what happened and let people know that I wasn’t there and if I was it wouldn’t of happened . For the trolls online trying to get noticed or get attention because their brands lack awareness good luck , I have spent the last 10 years of my life showing who I am and what I’m about , and everyone that has met me personally knows exactly what I would’ve done if I was there at that booth , and that would’ve been help that kid and gave him some water . I’m very upset with the person that was working the booth and the only thing I could do was fire him . I will be personally working the Cookies SF Instagram from now on.” 

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When you operate a dispensary or cannabis clinic and a cannabis brand in California or anywhere in the world, you are medically liable for the impact your promotion and wellness brand has, and how it affects the wellness of your patients and customers.  One cannot blame the social result of their marketing and lyrics of “Xanax & Patron,” as well as the effect of their brand image on the actions of only the employee who made a customer do 20 push-ups for a hat that others had to just ask for free to recieve.  The patient’s behavior was the result of Berner’s lyrics, but Berner tried to blame it on the behavior of his employee that he terminated in response.

Not only have Berner and CookiesSF inherited the liability over the future health and welfare of this specific patient whom they made do exercise for merchandise that was already being given away for free, but they have always been completely liable for the health of the entire public that uses the medicinal cannabis brand “Cookies” while listening to “Xanax & Patron.”

Some effects Berner has on the public just affect people in a way in which he apparently doesn’t want to be affected.

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Courtesy of Enchantment Isle Arts


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