Unlike America, Italy’s Military Operates Its Own Medical Cannabis Program

Enlisting in the U.S. Military means you stand a chance of violating worldwide human rights by protecting illegal international drug lords. And for decades, Americans have spent at least part of their enlistments doing the elite’s dirty work in locales like Afghanistan and Humboldt County, California to discourage cannabis farming—at times, violently and without provocation.  But if you join the Italian Military, you might end up actually doing the world some good for once.

In Italy, the job of growing, processing and packaging cannabis for their fellow citizens’ consumption is solely that of its military.

Italy is like most of Western Europe in allowing sick people to access cannabis unlike the U.S. federal government.

Unlike the non-inclusive attitude by the western democracy, in Italy the military has an effective open view regarding cannabis for medical use. A heavily guarded Army installation outside Florence produces the Italian medical marijuana supply which heads to pharmacies before reaching patients’ hands.

The Italian Army’s Military Chemical Pharmaceutical Plant’s production could triple within a year with a proposed $2 billion boost in funding.  The medical cannabis would then be sent to the Pope in a proposed plan by the government to export cannabis to the Vatican, according to Italian Army Col. Antonio Medica, who runs the military grow operation.

But you see, Americans will always still be paying for their medicine. Under the Italian plan, medical cannabis would be supplied to Italian citizens free of charge.

Free medical attention is a concept that other western democracies have mastered that continues to elude Americans.  Free medicine—well, that’s the American dream, but for Italians, it will actually be a reality.

In the U.S., the only federally approved supplier of “research-grade” cannabis is a farm at the University of Mississippi. The schwag produced there bears little resemblance to the cannabis available to Italians. That is, it is terrible, and what little bunk weed there is is exceedingly difficult to obtain for research purposes. Americans might as well not bother.

Italy legalized medical cannabis in 2007.  In Italy, “health is a matter of national security,” a defense official said.

Italian soldiers produce a single strain of pot, called FM2.  Americans, with their love of variety, may have to sit this one out unless they want to become Italian.



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