FBI Investigating Berner for International Vandalism Involving “The Big Pescado”

Straight from the lyrics from his song “Xanax and Patron,” Berner or @Berner415 maliciously boasts about sleeping with “Puerto Rican and Dominican girls with no visas.”  The international cannabis community absolutely thought he had embarrassed himself and his line of companies then, but now his hole continues to get much deeper.

This isn’t Jeff Sessions keeping his promise to go after Berner with federal kingpin charges, this is actually the U.S. Postal Inspection Service among other federal and state law enforcement agencies including the DHS, DEA, NYPD, and LAPD who have taken an interest to ban interstate vandalism and the spread of hate messages.  These agencies have been quietly gathering evidence to support their claims in federal court against the bay area native.

FBI Investigating Berner for International Vandalism Involving "The Big Pescado" 1

The rapper was previously brought into the spotlight with this shameful story detailing his utter disregard for a patient’s wellbeing and safety at a previous Chalice Festival.

Officials at the highest levels of government have also been closely monitoring a coast 2 coast feud between THCBoy and Berner to ensure the rap industry doesn’t suffer from another Biggie vs. 2Pac deadly quarrel. THCBoy’s famous line still emanates in east coast rap circles, “If you ain’t a rapper, then rap about your queen then,” rhymes THCBoy.  Berner still has yet to rap about his queen, but continues to vandalize federal property.

FBI Investigating Berner for International Vandalism Involving "The Big Pescado" 2

Berner’s only comeback to this day is to continue to turn against his own latin heritage by womanizing Puerto Rican women during the opening verse of his new song Best Thank Smokin’.

Berner was also recently sued by the Puerto Rican Government for his vandalism of the enchanted isle with his Hemp2o stickers which appeared on island-wide tsunamievacuation signs that rendered the signs ineffective in the case of a tsunami.

Berner was ultimately ordered to cease and desist all operations on the island by the government of Puerto Rico due to his behavior and his disgrace of Puerto Rican culture.

FBI Investigating Berner for International Vandalism Involving "The Big Pescado" 3

If there is one person who is a bad role model for the cannabis industry, it’s Berner.  The cannabis industry is utterly about compassion and void of malice towards people of different cultures.

There is also one thing we know that the federal government doesn’t play around with.  That is if you’re going to identify yourself as the big fish, no matter what language you choose to convey that message to your followers, then law enforcement will then treat you in the same manner that you want to be perceived by your fans.

If the human race can’t continue to learn from the different cultures that make up her kaleidoscope of cultural bliss that is planet earth, then Berner continues to reflect the very society and latin culture he has already disgraced.

In Berner’s case, it continues to be proven that karma really does come around full circle when it needs to.

FBI Investigating Berner for International Vandalism Involving "The Big Pescado" 4


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